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I retested the 25-20 WCF barrel and got results posted. Both sets of targets I started out with cold barrels. As soon as I got two shots either touching or close together I check for group. The 308 Wire targets were my second attempt at getting a group. My first attempt was with a standard .308 win chamber. I did not care for the chamber. I pulled the barrel and put enought taper in the lead to get a loaded round to an O.L. of 2.866 inches. Results were what I wanted.

This 38-55 customer results were sent to BRC. The results speak for themself.

25-20 WCF BRC Premium barrel. BRC has received excellent results from shooters using this BRC Premium barrel in 25 Magnum with jacketed bullets.

The BRC Premium barrel in 32-40 performed as expected. These are probably less that 35 rounds through this barrel. I have found a quality buttoned rifle in experienced hands will produce groups like this sooner than latter.

Three targets: Top: BRC Permium 40-65 barrel fixed load. Middle: Left target was to warm up barrel. Right was for group. Bottom: Both groups show 45-70 BRC barrel results.

All prices subject to change due to changing costs of materials.